Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pass the blame and take the credit
Everybody works hard but no one gets it
Its never enough, and you cant trust
And so the paranoia becomes your only friend

Smaller than the numbers on your debit card
All the times we took things too far
Maybe its time to close the case
If only so you can save some face

And I spent my life bottled up
Afraid it was never gonna be enough
But the stockpile will run out
That's when it becomes time to doubt

So maybe I'm out of love
Have I given enough out
I'm feeling like I'm in a drought
Another fish just flopping along the shore

So what if they weren't there
The fact is they all cared
When it was just me, and my screen
And I didn't have you to take care of things

But you make me complete now
Not quite sure I know how
But you always know what to say
And just seeing you, chases away the pain

I think I'm running out of words
Not sure if anyone's heard
A single out out of all I wrote
But it just proves the point
That this is the only thing I know


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