No Past, Only Present, No Future

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pleasantries forgotten, it was intensity with no pardons
Everything of the moment canceled past and future
And nothing you could say or do could move her
From the decision upon which she was sittin'
It was all decided, no point in even listenin'
Cause before the time clock was punched
It was all smiles and love
And by the time lunch break well,
Lets see if the break hit

Cause its all a suitable solution
If it calms the emotion
And gives another pause
Does anyone look beyond
Or are we all stuck in our jars
Lids of the present keeping us on
Like lightening bugs who can't turn off

I suppose by the time it gets, to quittin' time
We'll be lost in a sea of lines, all for nothing
But grasping for something to hold on to
Cause its not just a matter of what you're wantin'
But a matter of what you've got and,
All you may have, someday
And if I ever make it back, after I go down that track
Well I'm hoping its just not for good
Yeah I'm hoping its not for good

Cause its all a suitable solution
If it calms the emotion
And gives another pause
Can we look beyond the venom
See past the present
Or look back, on all we've come through

I feel like it always comes to tears,
Always comes down to the same fears,
Every time that there's work to do
I feel like it's always another beginning
Like we haven't been winning
Thus far, against all who said we wouldn't
Now come on, who are you talkin' to

Cause its never a suitable solution
Its never gonna stop all the emotion
Just delay it, for a day when you
Can't hold back the gates
Can't deny that this is fate
And this what we were meant, to do

But I guess I'll find out soon
Yeah I guess I'll find out soon


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