An Acoustic Gone Tragic

Friday, April 16, 2010

I was in love once,
Or perhaps, that's not quite the word
I was enthralled, I was obsessed
Moments spent watching her lips
Were the best, that I could ask for
Who would want more, then the sound of her voice
I swear she could make the miserable rejoyce

And she loved me once,
Or perhaps those aren't the words,
Perhaps that's just absurd
Cause it was multiple occasions,
Though she may dispute how many times,
There was no reason or rhyme,
But if they were real, then I've seen you at your best
And I've seen you right before you fell,
Yeah I know those eyes can attest

Such wonder in the eyes
I'm just surprised
She doesn't need a disguise
Just to go out, to go out
They must not see what I see
She must not be in their dreams
Cause if they saw this angel in front of me
They wouldn't be happy, without her
Just like I'm not happy now
Yeah, that's why I wear this frown
That's why I'm breakin' down

And now I see, that once
Or maybe twice or a few times, I was a mouse
In a team of mice being mislead
For the cheese for the bread
We might as well already been dead
We scurried through her maze, we were all amazed
At the life she gave, and when she took it away
It was haunting, devastating, life changing,
We were her glass for the breaking
Lost souls for the taking

Just because she's all I can think about
Doesn't mean that if I had her, it'd be okay now
Just because she's all, I can talk about
Doesn't mean I'd feel better if she came back now
Just because she's all, I can dream about
Doesn't mean I wouldn't burst at the seams

In an explosion, of withheld words
If she knew now, how absurd, she was
That she made this mistake, that I was the wrong glass to break
Even if she sees now, its too late,
No matter what she speaks, this heart is broken, it will always leak
Always leak, always leak
Always leak

And since she decided we should part,
I wont try to capture her in art,
I wont paint another canvas, wont write another song
Shes gone, and I've accepted this fate,
I will live in this place, accept these meager plates
And never let a tear fall, from my face

La da da, da da da
La da da, da da da

Hmm, de de de, yeah this is all we can be

La da da, da da da

Hmm, de de de, she's better off without me

La da da, da da da
Hmm hmm hmm hmm, hmm hmm hmm


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