Something something something this.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You teach me to be calm and ashamed
Bottled up, all the feelings and rage
But you never explain, everyday
Its another lesson in repression
For everything I feel
A corresponding confession
Like a criminal needing chains
For the same reason you hate the rain
You never see the beauty in the inconvenience
Only see reason and science
There's no feeling in your fingers
No life in your veins

You say I should be seen and not heard
That I can't act like an animal, sing like a bird
But I never hear you tell the ocean to behave
Never tell it to cease its waves
You wouldn't dare tell the sun to cease it's rays
So why me, why shun me, why make me this way

Does it make you accomplished
To make me broken and demolished
Is your achievement my bereavement
Do your deeds bring you reward
My pleas and protest strike a chord
That lines up with your pride
Like the ocean at high tide
Just consuming the sand
Shortening the land
Until you can see nothing
But the endless something


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