Three War World

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Headfirst into the hailstones
Hail Marys for the whore's at home
Penance is patient punishment
Your priest is a pedophile
Your parents are in denial
And from the stockroom stockpile
To the middle east and body filled Nile

Every suit and sand dweller
Will know war, will know the whores
Forty forty forty forty times ten
Start the mortars again
Reload for every missile
Shall meet with an innocent child

Clear your conscience and clear out your desk
From the inflated east coast to the useless mid west
And the people are too fat and docile to protest
We have consumed the opiates, we are like cattle
Grateful for our masters, prepared for slaughter in battle
And the soldiers lock up the enemy in cages to later rattle
Bang the drums of war, because better stocks come from gun salvos


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