Ocean Waves

Friday, November 27, 2009

(((Re-working this.)))

The waves crash on the shore,
She crashes on the couch
I'd like to know what all the screaming is about
You tell me in a harsh whisper
"Words that should've never been said in this house"
And they made their way out of her mouth
The waves wind up, ready to shout
And the tide's going anywhere but out

The ships are in danger again
The clock strikes ten
And she's going mad, lacks reason
She tells me about conspiracy
"You have no idea what they've done to me"
And when she finally calms down
She stretches out, dreams up a new nightmare
Writhes, and screams, but she can't tap out

And every dream is another pool
In which we breathe
And every moment awake is another moment
Painful enough to bleed
The ocean pulls up another wave,
Throws its punches out
The tide comes roaring
And she's still out


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