So What Now...?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I can't fix these mistakes.

I can't bring her back from that place.

I have neither the words or influence to change the pace he's set, in the direction he is going. They are doomed to his flawed vision, and I am a helpless bystander. I feel like sometimes, if I close my eyes, and concentrate really hard, I can be just as useless without the guilt and lack of importance. But only for a little while.

These are the times when I forget about the mistakes I have made because I am too busy watching others make theirs. And it makes me wonder if I have or will ever be as bad, or if they are primitive, I am the beast, and this is all just a lie.

The possibilities are endless, as are the number of characters I can arrange into words which will fit into sentences, however poorly structured, to take up this space. I watch the pixel outlines in each box as this page stares back at me, and can only think of how futile it all was from the beginning.

Maybe, if I close my eyes, concentrate real hard, I can be just as useless, without the guilt, and still feel important.


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