Friday, September 11, 2009

There was once a time where value was placed upon items of survival and protection. Luxuries like entertainment and products improving appearance were the lowest of priorities. One thing that I see has not changed, is the value of a home.

It is a market now. Buy, sell, open and close. The haggling, the smiles, the quick witty comments. Now, with our technology we have built homes at places man was never meant to survive. We have seen the tops of mountains, the bottoms of oceans, and for all we have accomplished we are still taking ten steps back every ten seconds.

In our advances, that we have managed despite our nature to kill thy neighbor, we have created cyberspace. We have created cyberhomes, places on this worldwide network where we in some delusion of security, feel comfortable. We share secrets that we never trust to the ears of the closest of friends and family. The less someone knows the less they can do against you, and so anonymity gave way to an exchange of information without consequence.

It is this fact that we tuck away in the back of our minds, forgetting that with every keystroke we are giving the entire world an invitation into our lives. Every post, comment, and shout becomes another piece of ourselves we expose to any and all prying eyes. It is almost as if we want to be found, like we want our closest companions to stumble upon what we have written. We want them to see what we cannot say and read what we could never write to them. We want to be found out.

We invite these strangers to share in our secrets, because we are sick of hiding from our friends.

This is almost what I've been hoping for. Almost what I've been waiting for. Almost what I want.


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